What do Recruiting Leaders say about our Recruiting Leadership Labs?

They love that it’s focused specifically on their development around recruitment strategy, process leadership, metrics, influencing executives, driving adoption of best practices, and turning recruiters into talent advisors.  It’s not some general management 101 workshop or a high level trends conference; it’s custom built for recruiting leaders who want real-world, actionable strategies, tactics, tools and templates to take back to their offices and put into practice right away.  

They like that it’s credibly delivered by a former corporate recruiting leader, who gets the challenges they face.  And they like that participation is limited to 20 people, and the format places you in small work groups, where you work on real-world scenarios and learn from peers facing similar challenges.  Bottom line: Over 150 5/5 reviews. 

“I was collaborating with and learning from my peers while being led by an industry expert. Quality of the attendees and workshop was top rate.”

- Sr. Director, Staffing and Mobility, Lam Research

“One of the most targeted and relevant trainings I’ve attended in my career….spot on, great value.”
- Staffing Manager, Microsoft  

“Loved it! 5/5. Learned prioritization, strategy, development of my team, coaching.  Really tied the content to real world situations we face.” 
- Recruiting Manager, Amazon.com 

“Best workshop I have taken for my own career development”
Sr Manager, Yahoo! 

“I was collaborating with and learning from my peers while being led by an industry expert.  Quality of the attendees and workshop was top rate.”  
- Sr. Director, Staffing and Mobility, Lam Research 

“I am very skeptical about training, but you convinced me training can add real value.  5/5!  Thank you.” 
- Head of Tech Recruitment, Zalando  

“The materials were so very relevant.  The stories were engaging.  And the environment is open and welcoming, where everyone is encouraged to participate.  Excellent!  5/5!”
- Associate Director of Recruiting, KPMG 

“It’s been almost a year since I attended, and I still use my workbook; my recruiters are used to seeing it come out at our staff meetings now.”
- Sr Manager, Talent Acquisition, PNC Bank 

"Great Job Presenting the content, keeping it both fun and engaging by using real world examples. 5/5!" 
- Recruiting Manager, GoDaddy

“So valuable to take back to my teams.  5/5!” 
- Manager, Talent Acquisition, Starbucks 

"The ability to interact with other leaders from different industries was invaluable. Most programs are focused on what industry you work in which creates a very limited point of view. 5/5!"
GoRecruiting Manager, Zillow Group