Core Two Agenda Download

We're yet to determine a location for our 2019 Core Two Recruiting Leadership Lab. Don't worry, you'll be the first to know when we've confirmed the date and location. All you have to do is request a notification. 

Alternatively, complete this short form to receive a copy of our 2018 Core Two agenda. We'll be sure to reach out as soon as we confirm the 2019 location.

Core Two is about joining corporate recruiting managers and directors to learn and share best practices to help you create a culture of recruiting, manage and measure recruiters and sourcers, leverage recruitment metrics to influence, and build pipelines and interview strategies to help you scale. 

2019 Workshop; location to be confirmed.

Please note that Recruiting Leadership Lab participation is limited to 20 corporate recruitment managers per leadership lab (no more than 2 from the same company). 

“5/5!  Very useful information. I'm able to use it in my role starting tomorrow!” 
- Recruiting Manager, Amazon