Recruiting Leadership Workshop: Deep Dive

Picture this.  You and 20 tech recruiting manager peers, focused on 1 topic for 1-1/2 days, where you work in small groups to work through real-world challenges, share and learn from each other’s experiences, and work hands-on to build something tangible – a new strategy, process, or program – that you can take back to implement with your hiring teams.  No PowerPoint driven presentations.  No skimming the surface.  We go deep.  And you share, learn, and build.


Recruiting Leadership Lab Deep Dives
are 100% focused on helping tech recruiting managers
implement real-world best practices.


What will you do? What will you get?

If you want to sit back, passively watching sourcing gurus run through slide decks, this is not the workshop for you. This is a peer-to-peer, expertly facilitated, hands-on workshop, where you will engage, critique, problem-solve, share, learn, and build.

  • Network, share, learn and benchmark with smart, vetted peers who are working to solve similar tech recruiting leadership challenges.
  • This is a safe, lab environment where you can ask questions, prototype ideas, seek feedback, and learn.
  • The opportunity to build real-world strategies, programs, and processes to take back to your tech hiring teams.
  • Post-lab networking (Slack channel) access for ongoing learning from peers.

Deep Dive into Tech Sourcing Strategies

Join us to dive into an interactive session that will enable you to explore current issues, build a sourcing strategy and learn from recruitment leaders who have been there before:

  • Share tech sourcing challenges and successes with peer recruiting managers.
  • Build out the ultimate tech sourcing toolbox, with shared best practices around tools, systems, programs, processes, and sourcing teams.
  • Work in small groups to build the components of a quality sourcing strategy for a hiring ramp up.
  • Build your own tech sourcing strategy - laptop open, using a best practice template to take back and use with your hiring teams

Join us for the 2018 Talent42 conference, the national tech recruiting conference held in Seattle